Statistics and Market Potential

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Export Potential in International Markets

The analysis of the market potential of the main exporting countries of Paraguay is presented below.

Produce here and export to the world

Below we present the Reference table (Export maturity*) that will help to interpret the information contained in the Market Potential studies of each country


4. The product has an exportable current offer from Paraguay (e.g. Vegetable oils)

3. The product has a current production in Paraguay, without export (e.g. fire extinguishers)

2. The product has the immediate productive potential in Paraguay (e.g. ostrich meat)

1. The product has the productive potential to be developed in Paraguay (e.g. Semiconductors)
0. Production in Paraguay is not feasible beforehand (e.g. Seafood)

If you want to know about the market potential of other missing countries in the list, please contact the Business Intelligence Directorate using the contact form or by email to or the phone 595 21 616 3270

Export products

In this document, you can find the exportable offer of Paraguay, reflected in the statistics by product, from 2009 to 2016, by value in USD and quantities in tons. The document comprises the top 100 export products.

Source: Ventanilla Única de Exportación.


The “Paraguay Exporta” Guide comprises a directory of the most important export companies, with their respective products.

Para recibir datos adicionales de proveedores de exportación de productos específicos, favor comunicarse

con la Dirección de Inteligencia de Negocios mediante el formulario de contacto o mediante email

a o al teléfono 595 21 616 3270

Quality and Certifcation

National Agency of Certification, INTN

Its function is to certify conformity to the national and international technical standards of products, systems, services and personnel, in the following areas: Agrofoods, Building Materials, Industrial Safety, Fuels and Chemicals, Management Systems and People.

National Accreditation Agency

List of laboratories of test, calibration, inspection enabled. Qualification (accredited entities section)

Standards Map

It contains up-to-dateu information on more a than 130 standards covering 80 sectors in 180 countries, as well as their requirements and operational scope.


Sistema Nacional de Información y Notificación de Comercio Exterior - SNIN

It is the National Information and Notification System of Paraguay; it makes available to exporters and public of Paraguay and the rest of the world the Paraguayan regulations and the notifications of other countries to the World Trade Organization on its updated information on technical regulations and Barriers to trade.

The SNIN contains:

• Information on Paraguayan Technical Regulations

• Links of Technical Regulations and Standards of Other Countries

• Searchers of Technical Regulations and Notifications

• Subscription Service: Alert for the exporter

• Trade Agreements of Paraguay – OTC Chapter

• MERCOSUR Information (SGT3)

• News and other topics of interest.

Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Vice-Ministry of Commerce 1st. Floor

Tel: 595 21 616 3288/3284


EPing Alert

It is a Notification System of notifications about Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures and Technical Barriers to Trade, through this website you can be aware of the requirements that a product must meet in the international markets


Trademap y Macmap

The Trademap allows you to obtain import / export statistics from all countries in the world. The Macmap contains information on tariffs and other barriers to market access Herramientas de Analisis de Mercado (PDF)

Export Help Desk

European Union Web site, which contains information on statistics, requirements, tariffs, rules of origin, among others, for accessing products to the European Union.


Website of the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI), contains information on agreements, tariffs, statistics, foreign trade regulatory standards, technical requirements, among others, of all ALADI member countries.

sistema de Información sobre comercio exterior – SICE

Website of the Organization of American States, containing the list of Trade Agreements and Preferences by Country, trade policy issues, among others.

Fao Stat

Website of the Statistics Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – FAO


It is the Statistical Platform of the Inter-American Development Bank.

Sea Rates

Tool to determine the next sea ports and distances, as well as calculator of loads and dimensions of containers.

The World Fact Book

CIA website which provides general, economic, social information from all countries (English)


Sistema Nacional de Información y Notificación de Paraguay – SNIN

It contains the Paraguayan regulations and the notifications of other countries to the World Trade Organization on their novelties in technical regulations and technical barriers to trade, barriers to exports, among others.


List of tariff items available for download in Excel.


REDIEX is a network under the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, whose objective is to: Promote local and foreign investments that help to advance social and economic development of the country and support the export of the most productive sectors of the country through work in networking with all key players: government, business and civil society organizations in order to generate joint actions that project the export of products.
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